If you want to try just one you can buy a single (1)  at CLICK HERE          $10.00 (1-Single unit)

<OR> Get a 2-Pack for

$18.00 (2-Pack) at CLICK HERE


********PLEASE NOTE********

due to the restrictions Amazon imposed on itself and suppliers because of covid, they are having major processing delays. We shipped product over a month ago that is STILL under the status of waiting to be “processed.” This means they have the product but have yet to scan it into the system. We apologize for this delay that is outside of our control. Please continue to check back regularly until the inventory begins to show up in their system again. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

Also, the brand page link has been broken for an unknown period of time and links to some random product. I’ve been trying to get Amazon to correct this. You can go direct to the product pages for the individual Silk Feet unit or the 2-pack via these two direct links when they do not come up for you when you search in the normal Amazon search bar:
2-Pack Silk Feet direct link
1-unit Silk Feet direct link

In the meantime, Walmart has just re-added us only as a trial offer on their website at  Here’s the link to order from Walmart.

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