Legal Disclaimers & Privacy Policies


Trademarks, Logos & Imagery

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED BY Silk Feet®.  Silk Feet® reserves the right to object to unfair uses, misuses or infringements of its trademarks, copyright rights or other violation of its legal rights.

Capstone Investment Group, LLC and Christy Anderson own the intellectual property, including, but not limited to, federally registered trademarks for Silk Feet and U.S. Patent No. 7,789,091 respectively.  Capstone Investment Group, LLC investigates and prosecutes to the fullest extent of the law any infringement of its intellectual property.

C. Anderson DBA and in partnership with Capstone Investment Group, LLC, is the owner of the ubiquitous Silk Feet® family of trademarks and patents. Silk Feet’s U.S. Trademark Number is 3,643,360 and our U.S. Patent Number is 7,789,091. These trademarks and patents symbolize Silk Feet’s® reputation and goodwill and serve to identify and distinguish its products, and services from those of others. Consumers expect that products bearing a Silk Feet® trademark or patent are manufactured or controlled by Silk Feet® and are thus of consistently high quality. To maintain the distinctiveness of Silk Feet’s® Trademarks, Logos & Imagery as representing Silk Feet’s® products, Silk Feet® must take steps to ensure that third parties do not use these assets in such a manner as to confuse consumers into believing there is an affiliation with Silk Feet® or endorsement by Silk Feet®, when in fact there is none.  Thus, use of Silk Feet’s® Trademarks, Patents, Logos & Imagery by third parties is not permitted except through express written Silk Feet® authorization, or license from Silk Feet®.

Privacy Policy

Information About You: While we collect “Personal Information” to fulfill product orders, which generally speaking is information that can be used to identify you individually, such as your name, address, email etc.; we do not sell nor distribute this information to anyone outside of our organization. We use such information only in connection with fulfilling your on-line order, or to contact you about product promotions, changes or additional company or product information.  We do not have nor do we keep a record of your credit card information as this is handled separately through PayPal’s secure server.

Customer Service Correspondence: We may collect information that identifies you personally when you submit comments, questions, or suggestions to our Customer Service department.  Such information is not sold to third parties and is used in the same manner noted under “Information About You” above. By sending us your comments, you agree to allow us to post those comments, where relevant, on our website under Testimonials or for other advertising, promotions, or endorsements.

Children: Our site is a general audience site that is not designed nor intended to collect Personal Information from children under the age of 13.  To respect the privacy of children and to comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, children under the age of 13 should not provide any Personal Information on this Site.  We ask that parents supervise their children while online.

Purchasing Policy

Product Sales & Delivery: Most orders ship within (1) week of receipt.  However, depending on demand for the product, shipment may be delayed as long as six weeks.

Back-Orders: If your order cannot be shipped within the stated delivery date, we will notify you of the expected ship date via email. Back-orders have never occurred over the past ten years; however, sometimes events outside our control could occur related to inventory or our supply chain in which case a delay in shipment could occur. In such an event we will notify customers of the situation and give them the option to cancel the order or delay their order until shipment is possible.

30 Day Guarantee: We will be happy to send a replacement product, upon receipt of the defective product, if for some reason the product you receive is defective.  Simply mail us the defective product to the P.O. Box listed at the bottom our website home page with an explanation and return address where you would like us to ship the replacement product.  We do not accept any other types of returns or exchanges.

Chargebacks: Customers who dispute a Silk Feet® credit card charge by filling a chargeback notice with their credit card company or companies will be charged a $25.00 administrative fee (per chargeback notice) by Silk Feet® if the chargeback is ruled in favor of Silk Feet® by the financial institution.

 Pricing & Availability: All pricing and product availability are subject to change.