These are just a few samples of the feedback we have received from some of our customers about their experience using Silk Feet!

“I started using Silk Feet this past July and loved it so much that I bought one for all my girlfriends, daughters, and relatives.  I can’t take a shower without wanting to “Silk” my “Feet” afterwards.  It’s absolutely the best heel exfoliant I’ve ever used.  I live in dry, dry, dry Arizona where dry, cracked feet is the status quo . . . But not mine!  They are soft as a baby’s bottom!”

– Wendy Moeck, Glendale Arizona

“It works!  Thank you so much is all I can say.  This is the first time I’ve bought a product that delivered exactly what it says it would do.  It really works.  My feet were transformed in a matter of minutes and they are so silky too.  You need to get the word out to millions of people that need this product.”

– Olawunmi from Ontario, Canada

“Hi. This is a great product!!!! I’m going to save a fortune on pedicures!”

– Holly Clark

“Thank you for a product that works! This is my favorite foot care product! I love that it is flexible and thin. It actually does get into all the places of the foot that the other flat and rigid foot files can’t reach. This is fast and painless and best of all Effective!”

– Katherine Smith

“Excellent product! After many years of trying pumice stones, lotions, scrapers, the Pediegg, sandpaper, and razor cutters, I had given up! I found your product today and my feet now feel like someone else’s! Smooth, softer! I am delighted and had to say THANK YOU!”

– Karen Batesole

“I’ve tried countless other products to try and achieve that SAFE salon Quality at home and have failed until today~Silkfeet is an Amazing product that will have you asking “where has this been all my life?!” Say Hello to amazing Summer Flip Flop & Sandal feet!! not bulky, the perfect item to toss in your carry on while traveling to ensure baby smooth feet while on the go!”

– Meek Walker

“My hip 83 year YOUNG mom bought Silk Feet at her podiatrist…loved it, got one for me…I LOVE it!  WAY BETTER and SAFER than ped egg.  YOU NEED TO GET ON QVC…get out there…GREAT ITEM!!!!

– Nancy from New Jersey